NETS 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
a. Promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness
Classroom Newsletter
It is important for students and parents to be informed about current events in the classroom/school, and helps to model a collaborative approach to knowledge. Using Microsoft Word in an inventive way, I created a structured, sample introduction newsletter with information that students and parents should know about the class for the week. By constructing a table in Microsoft Word I was able to create an organized layout for the newsletter masthead and add relevant information and articles to the body. I used the horizontal line feature, customized bullet points and a drop cap tool (enlarging the first letter of a paragraph to “drop” down two or more lines) to give my newsletter a formal and professional design. Finally, hiding the lines of the table, inserting pictures through clip art and file uploading and then wrapping the text around the images, further enhanced the appearance of the newsletter. My creative use of Microsoft Word to make a newsletter is a good way for me to model and promote innovative thinking using everyday technology.  As a teacher, I will involve my students in the process of creating the newsletter, and also use my knowledge to help them use technology in many of their projects.

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