Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Journal 6

Journal 6

Spencer, J. T. (2011, Sept 19). [Web log message]. Retrieved from

The author of this article is John Spencer, who is a 6th grade ELL teacher.  He will be piloting a classroom with a blended one-to-one approach of Chromebooks, Kindle Fires and iPod touches.  This article was about reasons for not assigning homework to students.  Spencer has not assigned homework in the last 4 years.  He lists 10 reasons for not assigning homework, as well as 5 suggestions instead of homework.

Five more alternatives to homework:

1.     Plant and maintain a garden.
2.     Follow a recipe.
3.     Start a recycling project.
4.     Explore the local library.
5.     Research health benefits of favorite physical activities.     

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